Villa Nova


Est. 1978


We're Going Through Changes

That’s right, after three long years we’ve decided it was time to tweak a few things. Some of these tweaks were quite small like adding the lunch burger to the lunch menu and the big fish sandwich to the dinner menu, as well as, providing you the option to get both meat and cheese with your ravioli dinner.

As a restaurant that specializes in pastas, subs, and the like, we realized we didn’t offer many gluten free options. That is why we decided to add a gluten free pizza to the menu.

On a not so gluten free note, we also added a spicy cauliflower appetize to get things kickstarted.

gluten free pizza and cauliflower
two wines and a peroni tap handle

The bar has also seen its share of changes. The most Italian of which is the addition of Peroni on tap. For all those Fat Tire fans out there (we had to put the Peroni somewhere) you can still get your favorite brew in bottle form along with Angry Orchard.

We also added a couple of new wines for all you oenophiles (wine fans) out there. The first is one of the most requested of all changes…a Sauvignon Blanc. Produced by Noble Vines, it is a crisp, fruity white wine from California that is sure to be one of our best sellers quickly. The other is a bold dark red blend (by Handcraft) that pairs beautifully with nearly every dish on our menu.

Did You Know!

Hard apple ciders (like Angry Orchard and Strongbow) are naturally gluten free making them the perfect accompaniment to our new gluten free pizza

Perhaps the biggest change was made for our youngest fans. We gave the kids menu an overhaul so large it deserves its own page on the site. The fact is some kids are bigger than others. That is why we added options for older children including smaller versions of adult classics like lasagna, ravioli, and our famous baked rigatoni.

For the younger (and pickier) fans of ours, we have also added Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Oh…we also gave them their own salad (tossed or Caesar) or soup to add to their meals.

mac and cheese and fettuccine

Did You Know!

There are 273 total tea kettles decorating the walls of the dining room, making Villa Nova an official Pokemon Go hotspot.

We're Becoming More Social!

As many of you may have noticed, we have recently given our website a much-needed makeover. A makeover aimed at increasing our online presence as it relates to technology today. Judging by your reviews and comments, this move has been overwhelmingly successful…but we’re not finished there. We’ve also decided to up our social media game!

facebook iconTo be honest, we’ve had a Facebook page for some time now, we just haven’t been that great at using it on a regular basis. All that has changed. Facebook will now serve as our primary way of communicating with all our friends. This includes keeping you up to date on everything from our featured soup to menu changes to event photos. FOLLOW US now to become a member of the Villa Nova family.

instagram iconTo go along with our increased Facebook exposure, we have also embraced the image driven benefits Instagram has to offer. We will use this particular platform to showcase some of our best dishes and most joyous times. FOLLOW US @VillaNova614 and connect with us on a gastro-visual level previously not offered.

Of course, we always welcome connecting with you the old-fashioned way…in person. So, come in grab a cold beer, and pizza and see for yourself what makes us so great.