• Spaghetti and Lasagna served
  • Chocolate Cake served
  • Pizza Pepperoni

Villa Nova Ristorante

Our story

Frank and Donna Colleli started Villa Nova in 1978. Their first two years were spent converting the bar (previously known as the Vogue Lounge)into a restaurant and bar, changing, replacing, and fixing up the establishment. Frank had previously owned numerous restaurants and pizza shops around central Ohio, including Frankie’s Pizza and Franco’s.

In 1986, they decided to sell Villa Nova and retire to Florida. Frank's son John had been working in the kitchen at the time of the sale and continued to work there (under the new ownership) until 1998, when he convinced Frank and Donna to come out of retirement to buy back Villa Nova and make it what you know today.

In 2014, Frank passed away. Villa Nova is currently owned by John, his wife Meghan, and his brother Frankie with Donna enjoying retirement life and socializing with all of our wonderful customers.